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Luxurious Shaving Brush

Luxurious Shaving Brush

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Bringing outstanding comfort and a touch of class to your everyday shave that your face will thank you for.

Now you can use our cream-spreading, whisker-lifting, luxury shaving brush, lovingly made from the very finest High Mountain White Badger hair. Starting out life as a Kickstarter project back in early 2015; Henri Et Victoria’s Luxurious Shaving Brush is supreme quality, renowned for the elasticity and suppleness of its hair and its beyond-compare water-holding capacity.

  • An ultra-high-quality shaving brush constructed with rare materials
  • Authentic High Mountain White Badger Hair, with super soft tips and an extra-strong backbone
  • High-density knot, up to 30% more badger hair in the same diameter than our competitors
  • Absolute water retention, and a wonderfully soft feeling brush, perfect for facial applications

Knot diameter: 22mm
Bristle loft: 55mm

Why YOU need to choose Henri et Victoria Shaving Brushes

Henri Et Victoria celebrates male grooming in its finest form. We advocate the tradition of shaving under a mission of converting as many men as possible back to wet or traditional shaving regimes.

We produce uniquely designed Shaving Brushes (along with many other products), expertly handcrafted from fine materials by the most experienced artisans of Quebec. Our products are purpose-made for men that advocate eccentricity in its finest form.